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My name is Azra, I am a Leo and a proud Malaysian. Yay! I am quite opinionated, but I don't usually say it out loud, hence the blog! And I also like to review movies and TV shows. Besides that, I am a daughter, a girlfriend to that special someone, a sister, an aunt and your pharmacist... If you are interested in any of the products in my blog or would like to be my business partner, please contact me: AZRA - nur_azra@yahoo.com. (YM or Facebook me!) Happy reading, cheers!
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Engagement 26.12.2009

12/29/2009 03:46:00 PM Posted In , Edit This
Hihi... Sorry ya, terlambat upload. I suppose I don't need to say much, because pictures tell more stories that words ^_^

The pictures here are taken from the official photographer's camera (a few), Hakim's family camera and mine... I am still waiting for my sticky album.

Alhamdulillah... So happy. I tengah berehat this week before I pulun for our wedding, which will be insyaAllah in April 2010 ^_^


Yes, my face nampak sangat bulat & tudung tak berapa kemas. Haih... I thought the dry cleaner will fix it. So Kak Awin (the make up artist: www.seindahwajah.com) had to lipat tudung tu ke atas sikit so that kedut tu tak nampak sangat. But muka I pun bulat la. Uhuhu... But, you know what, I was so overwhelmed by the camera flashes (ahaha, macam celebrity pulak. Poyo!) that I really couldn't care less about how my tudung was. I was just too happy to be engaged and that the majlis went smoothly. I think that was more important (Well, sort of :-P).

Berdebar-debar nak sarung cincin...
I was overwhelmed by the flashes of camera. Banyak!

Hakim's mum dah sarungkan cincin. Aminnn..

With my sweet future MIL and my lovely mum

Hakim and his father joined in.

Happy faces (Fuh... Finally)

With some friends who came, thank you ladies!

Hakim, myself and my bestest friend, Muni... She came the earliest on my engagement day and honestly, chatting to her helped me to calm down. Thanks love!

May I introduce my fiance', Hakim...

Mama and Mak Ngah (on my mum's right) with Hakim's mum and relatives.

And two lovely photos from my photographer ^_^

New Profile Photo

12/24/2009 12:09:00 AM Edit This

I am thinking of putting a new profile photo for my little blog. Tapi tak tahu yang mana satu. So here are the finalist:-

1. 2006 - My cousin's wedding

2. 2006 - Hakim & I first adventurous date (Pergi Chester Zoo. Hihi)

3. 2008 - Inside the Merseyral with Mum & Hakim on our way to Llandudno, Wales

4. 2008 - Graduation photo

Hurm... Yang mana satu yer? I tell you what, kalau any of my engagement photo turn out cantik nanti I will put that one. Hihihi...

My Preparations ^_^

12/23/2009 11:38:00 PM Posted In Edit This
TWO more days to go to our engagement, yezza.... I am sure that all of you do the same as I do - MESTI ada checklist. Kalau tak, cannot keep track of the things yang kena complete kan. Huhuhu... So let's see what have I done so far:-

1. Kemas rumah - CHECK
2. Edarkan map to Hakim, friends, photographer (Kak Fad), makeup artist (Kak Awin: www.seindahwajah.com) and Astana Kristal for mini pelamin (astanakristal.blogspot.com) - CHECK
3. Gilapkan silverware and brass for hantaran decoration - CHECK
4. Buy fresh flowers for hantaran - NOT CHECK
5. Facial - NOT CHECK (tomorrow)
6. Manicure and Pedicure - NOT CHECK (tomorrow)
7. Get chocolate door gifts and hantaran - NOT CHECK (tomorrow)
8. Get cake from Abah - NOT CHECK (Friday)
9. Get baju tunang, tudung and selendang from dry cleaners - CHECK
10. Send invitations to Imam and neighbours - CHECK
11. Get curtains - NOT CHECK (tomorrow)
12. Hantar all the hantaran items - NOT CHECK (Friday, final)
13. Get dulang & lapik dulang for hantaran - NOT CHECK (tomorrow)

InsyaAllah, by Saturday most thing will be ready.

Ya Allah, aku memohon padaMu agar Engkau melancarkan segala urusanku dan majlis pertunanganku. Izinkanlah agar semua persediaan lengkap dengan baik dan majlis berjalan dengan sempurna. Berikanlah cuaca yang cerah pada hari majlis ini. Dan rahmatilah kesemua tetamu dan ahli keluargaku yang hadir pada majlis ini.

Amin amin, ya Rabbal A'lamin...

My Office

12/15/2009 03:53:00 PM Posted In Edit This


Akhirnya, I have my own place at my work place. ^_^

Ok, I suppose you don’t know what I really do. I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in July 2008 and came home (Shah Alam, Malaysia) not long after that. With my degree, to practice as a pharmacist, I underwent a period as a Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP). Sort of housemanship la. Alhamdulillah, in November 2008, I landed on a job in Petaling Jaya, di National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (Biro Pengawalan Farmaseutikal Kebangsaan) – website: http://www.bpfk.gov.my/. It is a regulatory body for all pharmaceutical, traditional medicines and cosmetic products.

In my workplace, ada 5 departments/units. So, for the past year I dah merantau from one units to another. I never really had a proper desk to do work (actually, all of the PRPs don’t have a proper place to work. Tumpang meja orang or the library). But that never stopped us from working anyway, Cuma tak seronok la kan. So alhamdulillah, now my ‘housemanship’ is done and I am now a Fully Registered Pharmacist (FRP) and ditempatkan di Unit Farmakologi/Toksikologi di bawah Pusat Kawalan Kualiti. And the best part is – I have a proper desk! ^_^

My office is inside a lab. And the lab specifically perform tests for injectables such as vaccines, insulin etc. So memang lab ni sejuk gillllerrrrr. Below 16 degrees la! So in addition to the other stuff I have to bring (like coffee mug, a mirror and more stationeries) I have to bring a damn good cardigan and body lotion to keep my skin from drying in the super extreme chill!

Here’s a preview:-

Mudah-mudahan dengan kemudahan ini, I will become an excellent pharmacist, dan kerja-kerja yang I buat akan diberkati. Aminnnnn….

Spoilt for choices (Edited)

12/09/2009 09:46:00 PM Posted In Edit This
[I have added one more pelamin picture that I suka sangat! (-Dina Halim)]

I am not sure if having too many options (and all are good ones) is actually a good thing or not. Almost everyday, I browse so many websites, look at so many pictures, read so many comments etc about wedding preparations. From wedding dresses, to make-up artists, to photographers and wedding decorators. Sampai semalam, I actually pening kepala (like, literally) sebab tengok terlampau banyak pilihan. Haih...

But anyway, I have made a shortlist of the people/companies that I like and am considering for each categories:-

Wedding dress :

For nikah, it is not a problem. I have my own material (kain french lace) that I bought from Bandung. And as it is for nikah, I will tempah baju kurung modern (yang singkat tu) dengan kain kembang sikit (Mak Teh I panggil kain goday - betul kot spelling!). Then have it beaded, but not too heavily.
Taken from Arma Wedding Couture

The problem is for reception! I also have kain for this, but the BIG problem is, masa kat Bandung tu, I beli cukup2 4 meter. Mana cukup nak buat train! (Sikit jer train nye). Nak pergi ke Bandung balik, macam problem la pulak kan. So kalau nak tambah, takkan nak tambah dengan kain plain jer? Itu pun kalau dapat jumpa kain yang exact match to the lining. Uhuhuhuhuhu...

And I have checked out Butik Udaimatunnur and I fell in love with this wedding dress yang sangat sangat sangatlah gorgeous. Uhuhuhu... It is very very new, baru seorang sahaja yang nak pakai this weekend (lukcy girl!). But the thing is - It is white! And my theme colour is purple. So the option is... Is that the bride and groom pakai baju putih and all the family members pakai baju purple. Okay tak? Plus, the tudung is very nice and apparently, Mr Ismail (the designer) can help my face look less bulat. Ehehe.. Penting tuh.

How do I de-round this? Huhuhu

So, second option is to tempah. I have got some really good tailors who can jahit baju kahwin. Not tailor yang jahit baju kerja tu, ni memang tailor jahit baju kahwin. But... I don't really have an idea of how I want it to be. I nak dress, tapi I nak nampak ciri-ciri tradisionalnyer. Adeh... So nak combine dua2 ker?

The Lovely Traditional Kebaya

The Gorgeous Modern (Contoh moden je tau! Nauzubillah I pakai macam ni. Uhuhu!)

Kalau nak combing dua2, I will need ideas. So for this, I think a designer will be a good option. But actually, dalam hatiku ini ada juga rasa risau, will the design really suit me?



- Candid Syndrome
- photoaura (Aween Rashdan)
- Wow Photography @ Hafiz Ismail / Faris Fakri
- Pretty Peektures
- mycutemoment

So... What do I really look for in photographer?
1. Obviously, quality. I love candid photos, of me, my hubby (masa tu la!) and my family and mertua and ipar. I tak nak amek banyak sangat gambar guests, unless I know them.
2. Candid & capture of the moment - like bila I rasa happy, terharu, perasaan my mum and sis, perasaan my hubby to be, semua lah. So that by looking at the pictures... We can live it all again, kan kan sayang? ^_^
3. Communication - The photographer must be able to communicate and tolerate us well. Tak berkira pasal masa atau duit sangat. Open minded, cool and funny. Tak stress and understanding.
4. Hasilnyer - What do I get for the money I am investing - berapa keping gambar, what type of album - storybook? sticky ones? picture frame?
5. Harga - money money money. Need I say more?!


Well, since that I am opting for either Udaimatunnur or designer or tailor, maknanya I kena sewa pelamin separately. And I have seen some lovely pelamins. And because I nak ambil pelamin asing2, harganya agak mahal.... Uhuhuhu... I think I have made an entry about pelamins, but some that I really like are from:-

- buymebridal.blogspot.com
- Zaifie Zainal
- Dina Halim

- Puteris
- Arma Couture (but I think this one is wayyyy out of my budget)
- Astana Kristal

I also hope they will have arch as part of their service (kalau free lagi bagus, hehehe..)

Make-up Artist:

- Udaimatunnur ada makeup artistnyer sendiri
- Kak Awin - www.seindahwajah.com
- Emma Pesona - www. emmapesona.com
- Zaifie Zainal
- Dina Halin pun ada makeup artistnyer sendiri

Wedding Decorator and Caterer:

Hm... Having a wedding decorator for the dewan is pretty... Membazir. I hate to say this, but it is true. HOWEVER, a lovely wedding venue makes the whole wedding complete! But hiring wedding decorator is a lot of money. So I am hoping that my caterer of choice will offer this service. Caterer tersangat, sangat, sangat penting sebab tetamu memang akan puji makanan. Tak kira la betapa lawanya pelamin atau panjangnya train pengantin atau handsomnyer the groom, if the food sucks, the wedding event is not a successful one. Huhuhu... I hope the caterer of choice will offer:-

1. Superbly excellente food yang bersih and tak berkira pasal harga and amount of food and friendly service
2. Tablecloth (clean and tidy)
3. Chair covers with ribbons
4. Meja pengantin yang lawa
5. Pelayan yang berhemah
6. Red carpet
7. Fast service (i.e. cepat dapat pinggan & cawan bersih, cepat refill semula makanan, cepat refill air basuh tangan etc)

Caterer is where most of the money will go to anyway. Jadi sepatut-patutnya, inilah yang patut dicerewetkan.

Jadi... Itulah al kisahnya... Kenapa lately I senang pening. I am not sure if I am making this complicated, but my honey, my mother and a good friend at work told me that - it is good for me to be particular about things for the wedding, but jangan terlampau banyak. Because it will never ever be sorted.


Majlis Pertunangan ku...

11/25/2009 11:05:00 AM Posted In Edit This
My engagement is exactly 30 days from today!!!

My engangement check list:-

1. Baju I dah ada (I so love it!), thank you Hanis... Alhamdulillah... CHECK

2. Door gift pun dah order, tapi tak tahu lagi camner nak decorate. HALF CHECK

3. Photographer pun ada. So okay, that is sorted. Thank you Kak Fad... CHECK

4. Hantaran - erm... Guna fresh flower so memang kena buat a few days before tunang. The stuff are mostly food so I am not too concern about it. My aunt (Lovely Mak Ngah) is helping me out with the ribbons and dulang etc... Terima kasih Mak Ngah... ^_^. But she is not well at the moment, so I really want her to rest well and recover. Itu yang paling penting sekali... p/s: I hope you enjoy the pau I bought for you yesterday... NOT CHECK BUT OK

5. Tudung - insyaAllah no problem. Nak pakai veil ker? Huhu... Or should I save veil for the big day? Tapi belum cari pun lagi... I want chiffon tudung with awning yang ada beads/batu... Pernah try Ariani. But because my face is quite round... (actually, not quite. It is round!) and bila pakai Ariani macam lagi bulat pulak. So... Nak tempah ke? Hanis recommended some names yesterday... NOT CHECK

6. Makeup artist - arghhhh!!! I dah try contact one that I like (Sentuhan Derina) but she is occupied on my engagement date. So I am going to try a few more... From the photos, memang ramai yang talented. But then again, mostly nampak agak tak natural. I don't want to look like so heavily made-up, I want my own skin colour to show, not pink or white. Eye make up, I want smokey, but purple - not entirely black. SO NOT CHECK!

7. Manicure, pedicure - 2 days before - NOT BOOKED YET

8. Facial, spa - the weekend before - dah book appointment CHECK

9. Kemas rumah... Penting tu. Kena ambil cuti 3 days before engagement. APPLY FOR CUTI NOT CHECK YET (Boss outstation)

10. Guest lists - 60 from my family + 30 from Hakim's family + 20 neighbours and friends. HALF CHECK

11. Caterer - sorted. yums yums. CHECK

12. Khemah - belum call tapi okay kut. My uncle kata dia kenal orang. Hehehe... NOT CHECK BUT OK

13. Doa sentiasa supaya majlis berjalan lancar...

Wish me luck everyone!!

Why I love doing my bizzz

11/21/2009 10:21:00 PM Posted In Edit This
Reasons why I love doing my biz:-

1. Dapat jalan-jalan before and after meeting clients. A real breather!

2. The happy look on my clients' face when they see and feel the changes after wearing Premium Beautiful. It's a real 'job' satisfaction...

3. Make money while having fun. Honestly, how many of us are doing that? Day in day out at work, so mundane and monotonous? Why the trouble?

4. I get to meet and interact with new people. Getting to know and making connections with my clients - simply interesting! Buat kawan-kawan baru!

A very lovely client @ new friend even gave me a very nice tudung as a gift... Awh... Really, thank you so much Sis! ^_^ I doakan yang terbaik for you...

I like this tudung because it is not too big, love the colours and patterns - and more importantly, tak jarang. Hehehe...

Today - 21.11.2009

11/21/2009 09:11:00 PM Posted In Edit This
Today, ada two very important occasion:-

1. It is my Hakim 26th birthday and it is the first time that we celebrate together in Malaysia. I still remember the first time I gave him a card for his birthday... We were still friends back then, good friends.... He accompanied me through rough times when I was in Liverpool, and he always stayed by my side ever since... I am very lucky. Anyway, Hakim was so happy to get that birthday card surprised from me! It really was just a birthday card, but he said "It's the thought that count" and that he really did not expect it from me. He told me that, after he read the card, he drew a caricature of me... I really love it... Awh... Berbunga-bunga hatiku bila teringat masa tu... Hihi...

Hakim's caricature of me in white turtle neck and my red trainers. Wish I was skinny like that tho. Ehehehe...

Anyway, Hakim (baby)... No birthday wish or gift can be enough for a really wonderful man like you... ^_^ But I hope you like my present!

2. The second occasion today is - Hakim and I attended kursus pra perkahwinan. Hehehe... Inevitably, we celebrated Hakim's birthday in in Pejabat Agama Islam Daerah, where boys and girls were separated, including masa lunch time. Huhuhu.. Sorry yer Abang. Mesti you fikir, ish.. Tak ada hari lain ke nak pergi kursus kahwin? :-P

Although isi kandungan kursus kahwin tadi banyak disulami dengan remarks and lawak-lawak lucah, but I learnt quite a lot from it. In fact, I have to compliment on the catering and how punctual and smooth the kursus was. Tapi kerusinyer kurang selesa and my shoulder is aching from sitting there... Huhuhu...

Actually, we planned to have cake together tomorrow after the second/last day of the kursus... Can't wait!

Let's Get Rich!

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Do you have a dream for your wedding but you it's just too expensive?

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Do you wish you can give more to your parents, children and partners?

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Customer Testimonial

11/07/2009 08:08:00 AM Posted In Edit This
Alhamdulillah.... I am always ever so happy for those who've tried Premium Beautiful and feel amazing changes!

Kak S, Accounting Executive, Shah Alam

Before PB

Bust = 107.5 cm
Under Bust = 97 cm
Waist = 94 cm
Hips = 115 cm

Immediately after pakai PB

Bust = 107.5 cm
Under Bust = 94 cm (3 cm smaller!)
Waist = 87.5 cm (9.5 cm smaller! WOW!)
Hips = 113 cm (2 cm smaller!)

Kak S's text:

"Semalam pakai sangat best sebab pinggang tak lenguh" - She had back pain due to perioud at that time. I am so happy for her!

email/YM me: nur_azra@yahoo.com
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