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My name is Azra, I am a Leo and a proud Malaysian. Yay! I am quite opinionated, but I don't usually say it out loud, hence the blog! And I also like to review movies and TV shows. Besides that, I am a daughter, a girlfriend to that special someone, a sister, an aunt and your pharmacist... If you are interested in any of the products in my blog or would like to be my business partner, please contact me: AZRA - nur_azra@yahoo.com. (YM or Facebook me!) Happy reading, cheers!
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Why you must take your medicines correctly?

9/25/2008 11:38:00 PM Posted In Edit This

I find many Malaysians seem to neglect their medicines, i.e. not taking them accordingly or improperly. E.g. an antibiotic course of treatment must be finished, yet I always find antibiotic leftovers in the fridge. Many of my family members are asthmatic, but they do not use inhaler to prevent or control exacerbation. Medicines help controlling a disease, inappropriate use can cause:-

1. Recurrence of infections
2. Chronic conditions worsen and uncontrollable
3. Degeneration of body function
4. Increased side-effects
5. And above all, waste of money and efforts!

The Bourne Trilogy

9/25/2008 02:43:00 PM Posted In Edit This

Incredible movies! All three combined great casts, powerful dialogue and heart-stopping action! But, which is the best?

a. Bourne Identity - Brilliant start of the trilogy! It was definitely different than other action movies shown then and Bourne's character developed very well. (8/10)

b. Bourne Supremacy - The transition to this sequel was well-paced and well-explained. One memorable part was the sophisticated car chase scenes. (9.5/10)

c. Bourne Ultimatum - An excellent conclusion: the whole movie was very intense and successfully answered all the questions about Bourne's past. The only drawback is the camera, it made me dizzy. (7/10)

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My Favourite Mistake

9/24/2008 12:44:00 PM Posted In Edit This

This is not about Cheryl Crow’s song, but this came to my mind while I listened to that. Not many know this, but I actually failed my second year in Pharmacy. It was a turning point in my life from which I improved myself. I kept it in my mind at all time and became a better student. Due to that incident, I discovered the true colours of the ‘friends’ around me. And more significantly, Hakim and I grew closer and our relationship blossomed. :-)

Although I am not proud of it, I believe that all happened for many good reasons.

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9/14/2008 08:00:00 AM Posted In Edit This

In this rapidly growing world, I am sure that everyone is aware of the importance of punctuality. Nonetheless, there I was waiting pointlessly for more than an hour before the theory and practical driving lesson commenced. Malaysia’s Vision 2020 is not far ahead and indeed punctuality is the basis of a developed country, eg UK, USA and Japan. How can we compare ourselves to these countries with this negative attitude embedded into our lifestyles? “Time and tide wait for no man” or else, we will be twilight years left behind.

P/s: Berbuka puasa pun kena punctual tau… Sunnah Rasulullah S.A.W. :-)

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