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Today - 21.11.2009

11/21/2009 09:11:00 PM Posted In Edit This
Today, ada two very important occasion:-

1. It is my Hakim 26th birthday and it is the first time that we celebrate together in Malaysia. I still remember the first time I gave him a card for his birthday... We were still friends back then, good friends.... He accompanied me through rough times when I was in Liverpool, and he always stayed by my side ever since... I am very lucky. Anyway, Hakim was so happy to get that birthday card surprised from me! It really was just a birthday card, but he said "It's the thought that count" and that he really did not expect it from me. He told me that, after he read the card, he drew a caricature of me... I really love it... Awh... Berbunga-bunga hatiku bila teringat masa tu... Hihi...

Hakim's caricature of me in white turtle neck and my red trainers. Wish I was skinny like that tho. Ehehehe...

Anyway, Hakim (baby)... No birthday wish or gift can be enough for a really wonderful man like you... ^_^ But I hope you like my present!

2. The second occasion today is - Hakim and I attended kursus pra perkahwinan. Hehehe... Inevitably, we celebrated Hakim's birthday in in Pejabat Agama Islam Daerah, where boys and girls were separated, including masa lunch time. Huhuhu.. Sorry yer Abang. Mesti you fikir, ish.. Tak ada hari lain ke nak pergi kursus kahwin? :-P

Although isi kandungan kursus kahwin tadi banyak disulami dengan remarks and lawak-lawak lucah, but I learnt quite a lot from it. In fact, I have to compliment on the catering and how punctual and smooth the kursus was. Tapi kerusinyer kurang selesa and my shoulder is aching from sitting there... Huhuhu...

Actually, we planned to have cake together tomorrow after the second/last day of the kursus... Can't wait!