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Engagement 26.12.2009

12/29/2009 03:46:00 PM Posted In , Edit This
Hihi... Sorry ya, terlambat upload. I suppose I don't need to say much, because pictures tell more stories that words ^_^

The pictures here are taken from the official photographer's camera (a few), Hakim's family camera and mine... I am still waiting for my sticky album.

Alhamdulillah... So happy. I tengah berehat this week before I pulun for our wedding, which will be insyaAllah in April 2010 ^_^


Yes, my face nampak sangat bulat & tudung tak berapa kemas. Haih... I thought the dry cleaner will fix it. So Kak Awin (the make up artist: www.seindahwajah.com) had to lipat tudung tu ke atas sikit so that kedut tu tak nampak sangat. But muka I pun bulat la. Uhuhu... But, you know what, I was so overwhelmed by the camera flashes (ahaha, macam celebrity pulak. Poyo!) that I really couldn't care less about how my tudung was. I was just too happy to be engaged and that the majlis went smoothly. I think that was more important (Well, sort of :-P).

Berdebar-debar nak sarung cincin...
I was overwhelmed by the flashes of camera. Banyak!

Hakim's mum dah sarungkan cincin. Aminnn..

With my sweet future MIL and my lovely mum

Hakim and his father joined in.

Happy faces (Fuh... Finally)

With some friends who came, thank you ladies!

Hakim, myself and my bestest friend, Muni... She came the earliest on my engagement day and honestly, chatting to her helped me to calm down. Thanks love!

May I introduce my fiance', Hakim...

Mama and Mak Ngah (on my mum's right) with Hakim's mum and relatives.

And two lovely photos from my photographer ^_^