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Majlis Pertunangan ku...

11/25/2009 11:05:00 AM Posted In Edit This
My engagement is exactly 30 days from today!!!

My engangement check list:-

1. Baju I dah ada (I so love it!), thank you Hanis... Alhamdulillah... CHECK

2. Door gift pun dah order, tapi tak tahu lagi camner nak decorate. HALF CHECK

3. Photographer pun ada. So okay, that is sorted. Thank you Kak Fad... CHECK

4. Hantaran - erm... Guna fresh flower so memang kena buat a few days before tunang. The stuff are mostly food so I am not too concern about it. My aunt (Lovely Mak Ngah) is helping me out with the ribbons and dulang etc... Terima kasih Mak Ngah... ^_^. But she is not well at the moment, so I really want her to rest well and recover. Itu yang paling penting sekali... p/s: I hope you enjoy the pau I bought for you yesterday... NOT CHECK BUT OK

5. Tudung - insyaAllah no problem. Nak pakai veil ker? Huhu... Or should I save veil for the big day? Tapi belum cari pun lagi... I want chiffon tudung with awning yang ada beads/batu... Pernah try Ariani. But because my face is quite round... (actually, not quite. It is round!) and bila pakai Ariani macam lagi bulat pulak. So... Nak tempah ke? Hanis recommended some names yesterday... NOT CHECK

6. Makeup artist - arghhhh!!! I dah try contact one that I like (Sentuhan Derina) but she is occupied on my engagement date. So I am going to try a few more... From the photos, memang ramai yang talented. But then again, mostly nampak agak tak natural. I don't want to look like so heavily made-up, I want my own skin colour to show, not pink or white. Eye make up, I want smokey, but purple - not entirely black. SO NOT CHECK!

7. Manicure, pedicure - 2 days before - NOT BOOKED YET

8. Facial, spa - the weekend before - dah book appointment CHECK

9. Kemas rumah... Penting tu. Kena ambil cuti 3 days before engagement. APPLY FOR CUTI NOT CHECK YET (Boss outstation)

10. Guest lists - 60 from my family + 30 from Hakim's family + 20 neighbours and friends. HALF CHECK

11. Caterer - sorted. yums yums. CHECK

12. Khemah - belum call tapi okay kut. My uncle kata dia kenal orang. Hehehe... NOT CHECK BUT OK

13. Doa sentiasa supaya majlis berjalan lancar...

Wish me luck everyone!!