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My name is Azra, I am a Leo and a proud Malaysian. Yay! I am quite opinionated, but I don't usually say it out loud, hence the blog! And I also like to review movies and TV shows. Besides that, I am a daughter, a girlfriend to that special someone, a sister, an aunt and your pharmacist... If you are interested in any of the products in my blog or would like to be my business partner, please contact me: AZRA - nur_azra@yahoo.com. (YM or Facebook me!) Happy reading, cheers!
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Incision Care

10/30/2008 02:00:00 PM Posted In Edit This
Congratulation Kak Eju and husband on your newborn! She's so beautiful and weighs a healthy 3.21kg! Kak Eju had to undergo caesarean so I would like to share some tips on caring for incision:-

1. Keep the wound dry. It’s okay to shower several days after surgery (preferred to bathing), however ensure that the wound is carefully and thoroughly dried.
2. Watch for signs of infections e.g. puss formation, intense pain and redness, fever.
3. Avoid activities that are likely put pressure on incision. However, walking is encouraged as they help restore energy levels and digestive functions.
4. Drink plenty of fluid and nutritious food to help build tissue and heal wounds

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A Very Busy Eid

10/30/2008 05:29:00 AM Edit This
It's been an absolutely mad month, in a good way, of course. 1 week to Eid, I was busy making cookies and cakes, cleaning the house, yada yada yada. Spent Eid's eve and its 1st day with Mummy. Later that day, I travelled to my father's hometown in Sabak Bernam, stayed there until 4th day of Eid. Next day, had a little family gathering at home, so prepared all the food etc. My sis stayed for the week, so spent some quality times with them lot. Attended open house invitations every weekend too! Extremely exhausting, but definitely worth it!

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