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Mind Your Language

9/11/2009 11:23:00 PM Posted In Edit This
Some of the funniest English blunders I came across:-

To me, they are hilarious. But to the person who wrote them out, it’s quite embarrassing. But never mind, there’s always room for improvement and as bad it may be, but being embarrassed about your English is a good push/motivation for you to improve yourself. That happened to me and my sister.

Sebelum kami berdua masuk Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (P) Sri Aman, we didn’t feel the need to master English. Sebab our previous school tak speaking macam budak-budak kaya and ‘classy’ in that school. So, because of that, we were teased and the ‘popular’ girls used to take the mickey out of our English. As for me, I was helping out with gotong royong and I asked the seniors if I could borrow their gloves. Back then, I pronounced ‘gloves’ with a very strong O. So their childish reply was “oh my God, budak kampong mana cakap macam ni?” Ouch!! That hurt like a b****.

As for my sister, it happened when she was 13. She was in English lesson and put on the spot for not knowing what was the word “kasihan” in English. The poor girl stood at the corner of her classroom being a laughing stock by the fricking class mates.

Surely, these are the memories that we wish we never had to go through. Or ones that we could forget. We probably cried and felt awful for the next couple of weeks and still haunt us few years after that. But they were really the push that was needed for us to learn and master English. So, if you have experienced such occasion, NEVER let that go and let that be your motivation.

Nonetheless, I have no respect for the people mentioned above and those who make fun of others inability and misery.

P/S : My Hakim is experiencing the same but on opposite circumstances – because he uses English more than BM and his BM sounds very formal. What the hell is wrong with these people?!