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I love my GPS/Sat Nav

9/17/2009 09:23:00 PM Posted In Edit This
Sat Nav = GPS, what ever you call it. I am used to calling it Sat Nav (short form for Satelite Navigation) because I was introduced to it when I was in Liverpool and that's how it was said. Anyway, I have always wanted one. Actually no, I have always NEEDED one because I am no good with direction. You know, the whole why women can't read map. Yeah, that is me! :-P

Alhamdulillah... I finally manage to buy one. The brand is MapKing and at the beginning, I was well-impressed with the packaging. It's sleek, almost like an IPhone. Huhu. The screen is wide and large enough. So these came in the box:-
When switched on, it looks like this. The function is very good. It has its own data storage (memory) as well, where I can store my music, photos in it. It is also quite easy to find the destination using it. But anyway, I decided to put it to the test when I went to Port Dickson to meet a client of mine, Kak Is. Hihi...

So, my review is: Memang best. The voice of the satnav lady was loud and clear, the direction given was also accurate. The map could be seen very well and clearly and the one thing I like most about it is that, (probably the same with all other satnavs) it detects speed trap. Hahaha...

But of course, it can be pretty annoying because the satnav lady kept telling me to slow down. "Please, slow down" and 5 seconds later if I haven't slowed down "Please, slow down" like hundreds of times and will never stop until I decelerate to like 80 km/h on highway! And you know what, I was driving barely at 110 km/h! Huhuhuhuhu...

And it's also pretty cool because at night, the whole screen will get dark, except for the map which will be glowyyy... Like this:

So you know what, where ever you are my future business partners, I can come to you with no problemo at all! ;-)