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Smile - It is not as hard as you think it is

2/23/2009 10:01:00 PM Posted In Edit This

We all need work to earn for a decent living. But that's not it, I work so that I feel functional and I have great motivation to help people with my knowledge and skills. And to achieve that, it is very important that the workplace is productive and a healthy environment: basically a place where you're happy to work! As a matter of fact, all employers should try hard to create a working environment that is safe, bright, well-ventilated and equipped with necessities. And the people working in the same place should really work together and co-operate to achieve that. And the easiest way to do that is simply by smiling at one another.

See, there are so many benefits of smiling:-

- Smiling uses less muscle than frowning - so it's actually hardwork to frown that to smile

- Smiling to someone usually trigger a smile on another person's face and it is contagious - so it is the easiest place to spread the happiness

- Smiling is the easiest way to welcome someone new and it is quite an 'ice breaker'

- You never know what's on the other person's mind - and if she/he feels low, a simple smile would definitely cheer the other person up

- A positive act such as smiling, laughing trigger happy hormones such as serotonin - which is a natural stimulant in your body. So, the more you smile, the higher is your serotonin level and that's the easiest way to make you a happier person!

- Senyum itu sedekah... So, why be stingy?

Although I know none of you readers are from my workplace (which is in a great need of lotsa smiles by the way!), but where ever you work or are at - do smile to the people around you. It's okay if everyone around you seems miserable, but you should not be. So yes, let's start spreading the smile around!

Here are some of my personal favourites that I hope can make you smile ;-)

Apa lah agaknya Luqman gelakkan ni?

Amaar Muhaimin dari kecik dah pandai senyum...