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Antidepressants advertisements

2/02/2009 02:52:00 PM Posted In Edit This
I see more and more antidepressants advertisements on websites nowadays; some of the common tagline used including “Not sure if it’s depression? Learn about the broad range of symptoms” or “Is it depression? Learn about the symptoms here”. By clicking on the link, you will usually be directed to the websites with a list of depression symptoms. The symptoms of depression are broad and can range from headaches, backache to the more serious ones like thoughts of death and suicide. Of course, this information is true and they are good to know, but they can also be misleading.

I think that this is a very negative way to tell normal people who are well that they may be having depression. Some of the websites ‘diagnose’ internet users by using a checklist of symptoms and can make them worry that they are having depression. Most of us experience some form of discomforts that are part of the symptoms of depression, but having some of the symptoms do not make you depressed. Some of the physical symptoms of depression are:-
Aches and pains – which is also caused by daily physical activities like carrying weights, long-hour standing and even typing continuously at work (Repetitive Stress Injury, RSI)
Change in appetite or weight –this is very common in females, especially before menstruation (weight gain due to water retention), or sometimes when it’s the festive season, we eat more so we gain weight
Fatigue or lack of energy – some of us work long hours and the nature of the work is physical activities like walking, driving or reading countless documents. It is completely normal to be exhausted by the end of the day

You see what I mean? The way these advertisements are made can be easily misinterpreted. As a matter of fact, I believe that they are made to make people believe that they are having depression to boost the antidepressants sales. We should bear in mind that these advertisements are from pharmaceutical companies, kaaching!!! (Money, money and more money!)