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Make up for Engagement

10/27/2009 03:21:00 PM Posted In Edit This
Huhuhu... Since our (Hakim and I) engagement and nikah dates were agreed, all I have been thinking about is the preparation. I have a little book that I bought from One Utama to record what ever that is wedding-related and keep all the business cards, packages details in there. And since then, I have looked at bridal packages, like tonnes of them! Huhuhu...

They all looked good and nice. Semuanya best2. And since that the websites are usually in form of blogs, always ada links to another bridal website. Memang tak akan sudah. Websites after websites after websites sampai I pun dah pening. Huhuhu... I do shortlist the ones that I really, really like, and even told Hakim that "Yay! I finally have made up my mind which bridal package I want!" but esoknyer, I found another yang equally nice. Huhuhu...

InsyaAllah, our wedding will not be long from the engagement (dalam 3 months sahaja). So I am searching for both tunang and nikah+reception. Huhuhu...

For tunang, it will be a small and casual ceremony. Just for his family and mine to get to know each other... I pun jenis yang malu-malu kucing kan (haha!) so, no pelamins... I require make up and nice, nice baju. Kalau ikut perkiraan, jimat lagi ambil pakej tunang, in comparison to tempah baju and makeup sendiri. Tapi, bak orang kata, biar betul-betul puas hati kan? Huhuhu...

I can do my own makeup. Takder lah hebat, tapi for a day look, I am not that bad. But, the thing is, I dont want to use the makeup that I have. I nak guna yang baru. Haha! Boleh tak? So here are the stuff that I want for my tunang makeup (if I end up doing it myself). Semuanya dari Benefit ya, I suka Benefit!:-

Big Beautiful Eyes... Kit (Eye Make up)

Hello Flawless (Foundation + Finishing Powder)
Dandelion (Blusher)

Lemon Aid (Concealer)

Dr Feel Good (Primer)

I do have my own stuff that can be used also:-

1. No 7 blusher brush (UK brand)
2. Chanel Waikiki lipstick
3. Ruby and Millie magic liquid eyeliner (UK brand)
4. MAC shadowstick in Sharkskin

Hm... Macam mana lah rupa I agaknya kalau I make up sendiri? Huhuhu...

I am still considering getting a makeup artist though. But I macam takut nak cuba sebab I don't want to look over-done, you know. It is only engagement ceremony, I don't want to be mistaken for kahwin pulak. Huhuhu...

One thing I know for sure is, if I do my own makeup nanti, I will need someone's help to apply false eyelashes for me!