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Hai O Dinner Celebration

10/25/2009 01:28:00 PM Edit This

I know it was a while ago... But I hope it is not too late for me to post these photos online. My sister and I went to Hai O Dinner around 2 weeks ago. I didn't expect it to be nice, but it was actually sangat happening. There were so many people there, semua pakai baju merah and hitam (it was like a sea full of red people!). I pakai simple jer, baju kurung merah with kain hitam and tudung merah. Make up pun was done myself dekat the venue. Hehehehe... (Sebab nak sampai awal punyer pasal so buat semua kat sana jer!).
I met new friends and connections there, and the environment was so different. Everyone were sharing about their inspirations and experience in the business, which I have learnt a lot from. Although it was a few weeks ago, but I can still feel the 'aura' from the whole event.
Anyway, nak cerita panjang, panjang sangat lah pulak. So let's sum it up with them photos below. Sorry that I could only upload 2 pictures that were taken from my camera. Lama sangat-sangat nak upload. Huhuhu... The rest are from my sister's blog, awomanstale.blogspot.com.

My sister and I... Kitaorang ni tak pernah pakai baju semerah ni, but cun la pulak (Haha! Perasaan sungguh.)

With some of the amazing people yang semeja. From left: Kak Izan, Mak Teh, Kak Amirah, my sister, Hanis, Wani, Myself and Salha.

Bila lagi I dapat bergambar kat red carpet macam ni? Ehehehehe...

Myself with my forever-stylo and very inspirational business partner + cousin Hanis, tambah2 lagi masa pregnant ;-). In fact, dia lagi ligat daripada I. Siap baru balik dari Japan lagi!

InsyaAllah tahun depan we'll be going for this grand event lagi. So if you are interested, you are more than welcomed to join me! ;-)