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My name is Azra, I am a Leo and a proud Malaysian. Yay! I am quite opinionated, but I don't usually say it out loud, hence the blog! And I also like to review movies and TV shows. Besides that, I am a daughter, a girlfriend to that special someone, a sister, an aunt and your pharmacist... If you are interested in any of the products in my blog or would like to be my business partner, please contact me: AZRA - nur_azra@yahoo.com. (YM or Facebook me!) Happy reading, cheers!
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Why you must take your medicines correctly?

9/25/2008 11:38:00 PM Posted In Edit This

I find many Malaysians seem to neglect their medicines, i.e. not taking them accordingly or improperly. E.g. an antibiotic course of treatment must be finished, yet I always find antibiotic leftovers in the fridge. Many of my family members are asthmatic, but they do not use inhaler to prevent or control exacerbation. Medicines help controlling a disease, inappropriate use can cause:-

1. Recurrence of infections
2. Chronic conditions worsen and uncontrollable
3. Degeneration of body function
4. Increased side-effects
5. And above all, waste of money and efforts!